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Dr. Ramesh Shah
I am a Doctor doing General Practice for more than 35 years. A month back a malignancy in my liver was detected and rounds of various consultancy started knowing the severity. In my long practice I have seen many patients suffered due to improper diagnosis and the treatment. For such a critical illness, you get advices to go to Mumbai, Hyderabad and other places. I was also received many.

Luckily I was referred to Dr Hitesh Chavda the young; leading - Liver Specialist surgeon- in the Sterling Hospital. In the first consulting itself; I could judge his command on the subject. From the reports it was diagnosed as an Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma which is one type of the cancer which arises in the bile duct of liver. The surgery was inevitable. I got fully convinced by the assurance and references given by Dr Hitesh and decided to go for it in next couple of days.

The surgery was a day long and thee segments of my liver were removed (Segment IV, V and VIII- Central Hepatectomy). I was discharged after a week from the hospital. Now after 15 days I am recovering very fast. The post operational care and consultation by Dr Hitesh poured a great confidence and removed fear from me. I am sure that I will be able to treat my patients very soon. All due to the master skill of Dr Hitesh Chavda whom as a medico myself, consider as an asset to Ahmedabad. Many of us may not be aware that such a critical surgery is possible in our own city now. My highest regards and thanks to Dr Hitesh Chavda who gave me a new life.

Mr. Ajit Kothari
April 2011, Rajkot.
I, Mr. Ajit Kothari from Rajkot- was found to have a liver tumor while I was investigated for a gradual weight loss over five months. My doctor in Rajkot advised me for Ultrasonography and a CT scan to check the nature of the problem. After Investigations we came to know that I was suffering from a condition called cholangiocarcinoma of liver and I need to consult a liver specialist. From the knowledgeable source I came to know regarding the Dr. Hitesh Chavda a liver specialist at sterling hospitals Ahmedabad. I consulted him and after thorough investigations he advised me for an operation. I underwent a major operation which lasted 14 hours- where half of my right liver with tumor was removed successfully. With the blessings of god and Dr chavda’s mastery and hard work I am alive today without any problem and no medicine is needed now. Today (6/04/2011) my Ultrasonography and blood reports are normal and good. For all these I thank Dr. Chavda who gave me a new life.

Mr. Ashok Kakadia
I was operated by Dr Hitesh Chavda 6 months before for liver tumor. He had removed large tumor of 2500 gm weight. The operation was lasted for 11 hours. The biopsy report suggested Hemangioendothelioma with intermediate malignancy. I was discharged after 8 days of the surgery. At present I am fine and doing all my activities as before. I am visiting the Liver Clinic regularly for the post operative check up. Before the surgery my weight was 56 kg which increased to 68 kg at present. I am really thankful to Dr Chavda for giving me another life.

Mrs. Kinjal Patel
April 2012, Surat.
I am Kinjal S Patel from Surat. My age is 30 years. I was diagnosed with a liver tumor while I was investigated for pain in my abdomen during the post pregnancy period. The tumor was large and occupying half portion of my right liver. We took several opinions and were guided to see Dr. Hitesh Chavda at Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad who advise surgery to remove half of my right liver. I underwent seven hours long operation which was successful and I was discharge from the hospital on sixth day. It is been two month since the operation and I am feeling healthy and doing my routine activities as before.

Mr. Masumali Rajani
Coconut sized Liver Tumor removed in a 82 yrs old patient
I am Masumali Virjibhai Rajani, a resident of Palitana, Bhavnagar district, was admitted at Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad on July, 15, 2010 with abdominal discomfort. A tumor of approx.10 cm was found in my liver while I was investigated for weight loss and abdominal pain. I was advised surgery to remove the tumor. Considering my age (82 years), the surgery was involving high risk. Finally, I had surgery on 16 July, 2010 by Dr. Hitesh Chavda, Sr. Consultant and Director of Hepatobiliary & Liver Transplant Unit at Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad. His team included Dr Vismit Joshipura, Dr Ashish Parikh and Dr Kinjal Pandya. The surgery lasted for 7 hrs with negligible blood loss and blood transfusion. I was kept in ICU for 2 days for observation and did not require ventilator support. About 60 % of my liver was removed. I had an uneventful post-operative.

Mr. Olanrewaju Opeolu
I.T. Consultant, Nigeria (2009).
My name is Olanrewaju Opeolu, I am an I.T. Consultant in Nigeria. I was referred to India by a doctor back home after being diagnosed of PLCC. When I got to Ahmedabad, I met with the consultant in charge of my case, Dr. Hitesh Chavda and his team. After series of test, he told me I had to undergo surgical operation (Hepatic Resection). The surgery lasted for 23hrs on the 16th March 2009. During the surgery, it was discovered that the tumor in the liver was a large one, so it led to the resection of about 70% of the liver along with the gallbladder.

The biopsy of the tumor was done and it was discovered that it was Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma. It’s over 2 months now and my liver has grown back to its original shape, I have fully recovered and back to my daily activities.

I give credit to God and also to my doctor, Dr. Hitesh Chavda and his team for a job well done, I saw some of the pictures taken during the surgery and I was amazed at the work that was done. I must confess, the doctor is superb.

Hello sir,
Thanks for keeping in touch with us. I will still love to say a big thank you for your immense care and support you rendered to me. On the issue of my health, am doing very great and my body system is very great. My liver functioning test along with my full blood counts is very good based on my laboratory results as in January this year and before June am thinking of going for another check. By march 16, this year the surgery will be three years. All thanks to God and your team of doctors.
Kind regards,

Feb. 2012
Suhani Gautam
B1/31, Sterling City,
Bopal, Ahmedabad.
My daughter Suhani Gautam, aged 12 months was diagnosed having Hepatoblastoma in July 2008. We were tensed and confused as this was something very serious. This was a very rare case found only in one out of 1 million.

Suhani’s paediatrician Dr. Utpal Shah referred us to paediatric surgeon Dr. Parthiv Shah, who in turn introduced us to Paediatric oncologist Dr. Deepa Trivedi of Vedanta Hospitals. Meanwhile, we came into contact with Dr. Hitesh Chavda, a senior liver surgeon of Sterling Hospitals through a common friend.

My childhood friend and a leading Plastic surgeon Dr. Shailendra Singh was throughout with us in this ordeal and was constantly in touch with all related Doctors. It was then decided that as the tumor was very big, it has to be treated first with medicine to reduce the size and then has to be removed surgically.

We also thought of taking her to Delhi, Chennai or Bombay for treatment. After weighing all the options available with us, we ultimately decided to get her treated at the Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad. As time was precious Dr. Deepa Trivedi immediately started Suhani’s treatment. After four rounds of Chemotherapy the tumor was reduced to almost 50% size.

The doctors then decided to go for surgery and on 4th November 2008, Dr. Hitesh Chavda, Dr. Parthiv Shah, Dr. Hiren Trivedi along with a team of specialist Doctors performed a seven hour long surgery (Hepatactomy & cholecystectomy) on Suhani. Almost more than 60% of her affected liver was removed.

Post surgery Suhani recovered well. Thereafter another three rounds of Chemotherapy were administered. All her treatments stopped in March 2009. Periodically, every three months, as a precautionary measure, Suhani has to undergo the prescribed tests. As on this day she has recovered fully and all her tests results are normal. Still Dr. Deepa Trivedi and Dr. Hitesh Chavda are closely monitoring her recovery.

This was a supra major surgery of such magnitude performed on such a small child for the first time in Gujarat. We are grateful to all the Doctors who treated our daughter and thanks to Sterling Hospitals for their superb state of art medical services.

Thanks & Regards,
Sameer Gautam

Sandhya Chandwani
C/23, Swastik Park,
Judges Bungalow Road
Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380 015
God Can Not Reach Everywhere, Hence He Create Doctors

Dr. Hitesh Chavda is an extension of god for my mother, Rajkumari Dhawan, who was diagnosed with Liver cancer at the age of 70 years.

Looking to her age, family was confused and tensed. After consulting few doctors with their opinions, we were fortunate to have Dr. Chavda, to release our worries. She has been operated by him with a removal of 55% Liver. She is keeping well and improving fast because of Dr. Chavda's efforts.

I must appreciate the commitment, care and personal relation, a doctor has maintained with a patient during the time of crises. He is so cooperative, especially post surgery, which is very important for a patient and family members.

I salute Dr. Chavda for giving second and healthy life to my mother.

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