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Ethanol Injection

Ethanol Injection is an ablation technique that destroys the liver tumor using alcohol rather than heat. Ethanol injection is used much less frequently and usually only applies to hepatocellular cancers that are small ( <2 to 3 cm ) and cannot be treated using another technique. With percutaneous ethanol (alcohol) Injection, surgeons or interventional radiologists locate the tumor, usually with ultrasound guidance, and pass a needle into the tumor. A liquid containing a high concentration of alcohol is then injected through the needle. Usually a local anesthesia is used, but you may need to go under general anesthesia if you have multiple tumors. The concentrated alcohol destroys whatever cells it comes in contact with. Alcohol injection is most effective with small tumors (less than 3 centimeters). In some instances, several small tumors can be treated simultaneously.

Ethanol Injection
Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)
Microwave Ablation
Ethanol Ablation
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