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Liver Cancer Helpline : +91 97129 88402
A Team Approach to Treatment

Our Liver Cancer Clinic is led by a multidisciplinary team of more than 15 physicians who are at the forefront of comprehensive and innovative treatments for the care of patients with liver cancer. Our experienced team is made up of liver surgeons, medical oncologists, transplant surgeons, hepatologists, diagnostic radiologists, interventional radiologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists dedicated to providing the highest quality, optimal treatment for each individual patient.

Our multidisciplinary approach is central to an individualized treatment plan, since many patients will receive more than one treatment. For liver cancer, this may include a combination of surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Depending on the overall health of the patient, liver function and tumor size, our team will collaborate to customize the treatment plan for optimal patient care. For patients with liver cancer that is inoperable, our Liver Cancer Center combines compassionate care with advanced clinical trials to improve the overall survival and quality of life for patients with liver cancer.

Surgical Resection (Open Surgery)
Surgical Resection (Laparoscopic Liver Surgery)
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