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Surgical Resection (Laparoscopic Liver Surgery)

Our team of doctors at the Liver Cancer Center may recommend minimally invasive liver surgery -also called laparoscopic surgery - over traditional surgery, based on the location and size of the tumors. In minimally invasive procedures, your doctor makes one or more incisions, each about a half-inch long, to insert a tube. The number of incisions depends on the type of surgery. The tube or tubes let the doctor slip in tiny video cameras and specially designed surgical instruments to perform the procedure. When you have minimally invasive surgery, you're likely to lose less blood and have less postoperative pain, fewer and smaller scars, and a faster recovery than you would after open surgery. Depending on your condition, you may need only a short hospital stay. As leaders in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgical liver resection, our surgeons can remove certain benign or malignant liver tumors through three or four keyhole - sized incisions.

Surgical Resection (Open Surgery)
Surgical Resection (Laparoscopic Liver Surgery)
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