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Gujarat Liver Cancer Clinic (GLCC) is a leader in providing liver cancer patients access to advanced surgical care and other treatment options. Today, the success of treating a patient with liver tumor is often linked to the appropriate use of various treatment modalities with surgery. Thus, the best approach for a patient with a liver tumor is achieved by a multidisciplinary team. Recently many novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools have become available. It is important to understand and select the right therapeutic modality for a particular case. A multidisciplinary approach brings together specialists in all areas of liver cancer treatment who collaborate on each case.

This team includes liver surgeons, hepatologists, oncologists, interventional & diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologist, pathologist, liver transplant surgeons and a liver cancer program coordinator. Our specialist medical teams are supported by the latest technology for both the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease & other liver related illnesses. GLCC is a group of well qualified medical professionals trained at renowned national & international centers and has exceptional expertise in treating liver cancer. It deals with complex liver surgeries including live and cadaver liver transplantation. The purpose of this website is to provide education, awareness and professional advice to patients suffering from liver cancer.
The mission of the Gujarat Liver Cancer Clinic at sterling Hospitals is to provide cutting edge, personalized, multidisciplinary care for patients with Liver Cancer. Our actions embody our core value of compassion, integrity, respect and excellence.
A Team Approach
Surgical Resection
Liver Transplantation
Ablative Therapies
Regional Therapies
Targeted Therapy
Palliative Care
Liver Update 2019
Date: 15th December 2019
"Innovative Techniques and Technologies in Liver Surgery"
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